You can transform your relationship with money. Let me show you how. I provide everything you need to make it happen.

Ladies, are you feeling stuck financially? Like you should be further ahead? I see YOU! You are not alone. Millions of women are living paycheck to paycheck but there is a BETTER WAY.

Would you like to start feeling more confident about finances today? How about no more hesitation when opening your credit card or bank statements?

This course is designed for you, goal oriented women wanting to improve their relationship with money, develop awareness, uncover limiting beliefs and increase their financial literacy.

During these 30 Days you will:
·   Discover your thoughts about money so that you can eliminate those that don’t serve you.
·   Determine what is most important to you so you can start getting more of it in your life.
·   Make small shifts that will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.
·   Increase your money confidence and kick money fear and insecurity to the curb.

The time commitment is less than 15 minutes a day but will save you hours of worry.

At the end of the 30 exercises you have the framework to build your personal financial dream plan.

In addition to the coursework and possibly the most important part, you will have access to my private Facebook group, Office Hours with Liz, where I teach new math + mindset concepts every week and answer your questions. You and your new friends will gather for additional support, connection and accountability. If you are carrying shame about money around with you, you can dump it now; this is a judgment-free-zone. The community and catalog of 30+ lessons in the group are worth the price of admission. 

I LOVED being part of the first 30 Day Transformation Liz! It was a lot of fun and really helped me to assess some thoughts and old habits around money. My one on one with you was so valuable and I honestly feel it helped me ‘unblock’ some unhelpful thought patterns. The whole experience has motivated me so much and it is obvious how much joy helping others brings you. Thank you Liz! - Kerri

Liz is a great mentor, keeps you engaged, helps you maintain that positive mindset, and provides guidance to continue to follow your plan to meet your goals. – Ashley 

I SO recommend joining this course/group with Liz! She is such a wonderful teacher - and I learned a wide range of things about myself (money, parenting, thought patterns) that I have already been able to apply in my life for improved balance. Its just the right amount of time commitment- you feel like you get a lot of information, but enough that you can handle and apply immediately to your life. The steps in the 30 Day Transformation are totally doable! I had a 2 month old baby and did it! Thanks Liz for making this available! - Emily



Liz Carroll Financial Life Coach

Hi, I’m Liz Carroll

I help women feel confident with money: earning it, spending it and saving it.

Liz is a Certified Financial Coach from Ramsey Solutions, a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and a 200-RYT Yoga & Meditation Instructor from The Purna Yoga College. She combines strong money and life skills with mindfulness in her coaching business, Mindful Money Coaches. She is the creator of the 30 Day Mindful Money Transformation and Manage Your Money Mind. Liz lives on the Oregon Coast with her husband of 30 years and the co-founder of Mindful Money Coaches, Dan. They are debt free, real estate investors with a multi-million dollar portfolio of long term rental homes. Their adult children visit regularly.

The course is less than the price of a deluxe pedicure and lasts a lot longer.

A small investment in your financial future.


30 Day Mindful Money Transformation

You can start your 30 days on any date!

Your future self will be so glad you started TODAY. Don't wait! Today is the perfect time. You can manage 15 minutes a day to save hours of worry and thousands of dollars over your lifetime.